Friday, 20 January 2012


happy new year!

happy ba talaga ang pasok ng taon natin???

sa aking palagay araw araw dapat maging happy tayo.  sabi ko nga sa mga previous blogs ko, nobody can say exactly how long i will be healthy, because of that i will not waste my time worrying about it and instead start enjoying and living it.

2 days ago, i went to RITM for my 6th month check up. i had my routinary CBC and cd4 Count.

CBC was spotless, cd4 Count has improved from 379 last July 2011 to 401 this January 2012.  kaya nga todo ngiti ako for the past few days.  honestly i was expecting my cd4 to drop.  the last 6 months was really toxic.  madalas puyat ako sa dami ng trabaho and events na kailangan puntahan.

all my laborartory tests were perfect and i couldnt ask for anything more.  because of that i am opting NOT to start my ARV treatment yet.  Dra. Cunanan of RITM said that starting ARVs is still an option, but there seems to be NO urgent need to start it yet, given that my stats are getting better.  pero nagrerequest sya ng Viral Load Count most especially pag dumating yung time na magsisimula na ako ng ARVs, that would cost about P 7500 so i have to put that on my checklist.

i am thankful that everything is turning out well for me, so far.  i wish the same for everyone.

but it's not all good news for 2012.

2 boys from the our adapted MSW group has recently died due to opportunistic infection.  based on my queries, our efforts has not been able to reach them in time and they have not attended any of our testing nor counseling session.  too bad  :(  but this makes our resolve to intensify our efforts more solid.

last week of december one of our HIV testing clients abruptly died about 18 days after getting tested positive. about the same time his confirmatory results was being released, he has to be confined to San Lazaro but he died the next day.  unfortunately, the opportunistic infection has worsen that the doctors can no longer help him.  he was 19y.o.  this incident was the first direct casualty related to our work as advocates and it was so difficult for us to process.  while at the same time, it has reminded us that we are doing the right thing.  so long as people are dying of HIV/AIDS unnecessarily, our work will never stop.  

sana ay maiwasan na ang mga ganitong eksena.  we need everyone's help. we cannot do it alone.

kung gusto nyong maging aktibo sa laban na ito.  magregister lamang dito:

we need volunteers!


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