Saturday, 3 March 2012

My EX is Parteeing N Playing!

Hi Bong,

I love your blog site as it delivers a clear message to Filipino people engaging into activities that put them at risk to acquire HIV. I decided to write an email because recently I learned that my ex boyfriend was engaging into risky sexual practices. We separated last July 2011 and still I know in my heart I still care. When I learned that he is engaging into partee and play without protection I was alarmed. A friend of mine whom I introduced him when we were still together exchanges messages to him in planetromeo. Sharing stories and sex trips. From ecstasy, he is now taking ice/slam. Engaging into pnp 1on1 but most of the times a group of 6 and more. Sadly, none of those events did he use condoms according to my friend.

I do not know PnP then until I researched every detail of partee and play. The rising incidence of HIV according to an article and even a feature news from an international tv was due to PnP. I was very curious that i researched colloquial terms they are using. To understand further pnp, i tried it once (of course observing safe sex from start to the end) to know how it feels. It was indeed ecstatic but a person in pnp was still in his sound mind and there was a period after the pnp that you would feel down even without reason (crashing is the term according to my research).

I wanted to help him, he was still young  (25 years old and I am 30). I took HIV test when I learned he was doing pnp, fortunately it was negative (feb 2012) because I know in myself i am not engaging into unprotected sex except to my bfs. I am convincing him to take the test and he refuse to talk about it. I care and i consulted hiv + in pr how to convince him to take the test...

I wanted to help him because i still care. Please help.

Thank you.



hello Caring Ex,

i will reply to your letter in my next blog (medyo busy lang) --- i also want to blog in details about the topic of PnP, there's a reason my blog is titled as such... i'v been wanting to talk about it, i always hesitate but because you opened the topic na, maybe this March is the right time to talk about it.

thanks for writing to me Caring Ex...

(anybody who wants to comment and help would be highly appreciated)

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