Wednesday, 4 January 2012

MAGNETIC COUPLE (HIV Serodiscordant Couple)

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How to keep safer sex with partner having HIV..?
Jan 3, 2012
Is it possible to have happy sexual life even if having HIV..How to keep safer sex with partner having HIV..?

YES it is truly possible to have a happy and healthy sex life with either or both partners being positive. Using protection is a must. Good communication is a must! Knowing your body is a must! My husband is negative and I'm positive and we have a great sex life and I know of many sero different couples or magnetic couples ( one positive and the other not) who have great sex lives as well as partners who are both positive. Making sure the person living with HIV is active with their treatment, seeing a doctor and if on medication is adherent (not missing any doses). Learning how to use a condom correctly and again communication with one another is huge. There is life after diagnosis and that does include a healthy and happy sex life.

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January 5, 2012
- are you having any luck with the person you have feelings for? you posted something about finding the person you are meant to be with the other day... I thought that was great.

- Still on the lookout --- it is not easy  but am very happy nonetheless. I have learned that my happiness should not be dependent on other people. I love myself and I am happy. Finding a partner is a bonus



i ended my short dating stint with someone - we went out twice - mabait sya super, pero when we started to get intimate napagusapan ang tungkol sa sex and he said - wala pa syang nagiging bf (at sex) dahil ayaw nya talaga at natatakot syang magka HIV -  just as i was at the brink of disclosing that day -  at the end, i decided he's not ready for me - iv chosen not to disclose - and the next day we called it quits - we're still good friends - i hope - but i miss that kiss  ;)

first try - failed

will try again

ito ang aking diary


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