Tuesday, October 14, 2014


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Saturday, October 4, 2014


"When I did get a chance to connect with others in this madness we sometimes talked about being HIV positive. People would say that they felt the disease was treatable now and that they had a second chance. That seemed to be the general attitude to HIV – that it was no longer a problem for them personally." --- http://www.beigeuk.com/2014/02/chem-sex-revealed-part-one/

nakakalungkot! pero parang nagiging ganito na rin ang sitwasyon dito sa pilipinas... me mga naririnig na akong ganito ang pananaw sa chem sex at pagiging positive kaya wala na silang pakialam. :(

stay safe everyone!


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Tuesday, September 30, 2014




"i got prostate cancer, and undergoing chemotheraphy"

that is my official statement

kapag may nagtanung why i have a PWD card


yep i just got my PWD Card

Persons With Disability Card

thanks to #redX for the assistance

i am now officially disabled






while i dont really feel like i am disabled

and for almost 3 years na alam ko na pwedeng

mag avail ng PWD Card

di talaga ako nag apply

but when my doctor gave me a form

and told me to just fill it up and they will take care of the rest

i just did

and after a week


i am now officially disabled






20% discount on all meds

20% discount on lrt and mrt cards

discounts on all basic commodities

express lane sa mrt/lrt

express lane sa bangko

express lane sa lahat ng me pwedeng express lane






not bad

not bad at all

im beginning to like my new status

i am now officially disabled






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(from #redX blog - http://advocatehiv.wordpress.com/2014/08/24/pwd-cards)



The National Council on Disability Affairs is located in Don Antonio Heights in Quezon City. It was actually accidental that I posted an HIV-blog in one of the facebook groups and a long time friend (who happens to hold a position at NCDA) messaged me to come and process a PWD card.

I was uncomfortable about the thought of processing one, but he was able to explain to me what I needed to know.


The card classification is PSYCHOSOCIAL. This is the same classification being used for Cancer and those who are undergoing (or have finished) drug rehabilitation.

You do not have to explain to any merchant what PSYCHOSOCIAL is.


For the time being, REDx is able to process the PWD cards, simply send the PWD form, your confirmatory and your I.D. picture.

The PWD form can be downloaded at PWD APPLICATION FORM

You can get your confirmatory results copy from your treatment hub, or as an alternate, you may ask your doctor for an abstract.


1. Who do we contact?

In Baguio, you can directly go to your hub and the staff have already been briefed of the protocol and they know where to send this.

In Cagayan De Oro, you may contact Northern Mindanao Advocates (NorMA) at mobile #0917-430-8597

In NCR & other areas, you can tweet @WIN_1221

In Cebu, you can tweet @HapIV_thoughts

2. What are the benefits of the card?

To mention a few:

>> 20% off restaurant bills

>> 20% off medicines (prescription under the name of the PWD cardholder and PWD booklet needed, supplements and multivitamins may not be covered)

>> 5% off basic commodities (SM Supermarket and the likes at a ceiling of P1,300/week, PWD PURCHASE BOOKLET may be required)

>> Express lane at retail establishments, MRT/LRT & Banks

You may view the full privilege or benefits at PWD PRIVILEGE

You may also tweet @GreyHuMin or @redscare31 for queries related to the card usage

3. How long is the processing of the card?

The actual processing should not be more than a couple of hours once the application & attachments are received. However, REDx brings the application forms on a per batch basis and as such, it may take time depending on the bulk of the application forms collated by REDx

4. What if I get declined from using my PWD Card?

You may email HASH.info@asia.com or tweet @HASH_info so we can report to NCDA

5. I had a previous bad experience in processing a PWD Card at my City hall, where can I report this?

You may email HASH.info@asia.com


This is not a requirement for the HIV Community. No one is being forced to apply or get the card.


REDx can and will only process the cards until the end of 2016. Effective 2017, PWD cards will have to be processed at the local government unit level.

For more questions, kindly email HASH.info@asia.com




everything is stable...

but need to watch my sugar and carbs...


i feel good...

i feel great...



kamusta kayo?


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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Register here --- http://go.loveyourself.ph/boompatest

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IACM 2014

(photo credits: TRR)









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Friday, April 4, 2014


para sa mga may kakayahan sa buhay

para sa mga gusto ng magandang serbisyo

para sa mga ayaw pumila


naniniwala ako na ang pagiging positive ay hindi disability

kung maaari at tayo naman ay may kakayahan, wag na po nating iasa lahat ng ating pangangailangan sa gobyerno

hindi po tayo diabled

pwede pa rin po tayong maging successful


ang sa akin lang


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April 03, i got an email from my doctor:

Lab results:

1. CBC normal

2. FBS normal, Hgb A1C is controlled (6%)

3. Lipid profile shows bad cholesterol normal, good cholesterol is now at adequate levels, but triglycerides increased compared to previous. need to cut down on carbs. we will repeat in 3 months.

4. Liver and kidney tests normal.

4. cd4 is 429 (14.28%) compared to previous of 329 (13.7%) last august 8.


Schedules to keep:

a. flu and pneumo shots soonest

b. next cd4 sep 23, 2014

c. next appt for refill, routine, lipid profile determination on may 26

pls coordinate with nurse carl for schedule confirmation. thanks.


Best, Dra. Kate

and so after 7months of ARV. my labs are almost perfect. cd4 are improving. no missed dose of meds except for some some late intake.

time to celebrate.

i am happy!

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Friday, March 21, 2014


On Mar 17, 2014, at 5:13 PM, Joe wrote:

Hi sir bong,

My name is joe. Bagong enroll po ako sa sagip. Natatakot po ako kasi nitong january ko lng po nalaman na positive din ako. Nung nabasa ko yung blog mo natakot ako sa shingles, kasi may shingles like din ako sa left arm... Diko pa po sure kung shingles ngato kasi di pako nakikita ng doctors. Still waiting padin po ako sa cd4baseline result ko. Pag lmabas nadaw po cd4 ko thats the tym lng na i eeskdyul nila ko sa doctor. Natatakot po ako. Sa blog m po nagkaron ka ng shingles, kumusta napo kayo? Delikado po ba un? Tip naman po on how to deal with it. Wala pa po kasi akong arv e.




On Mar 18, 2014, at 1:53 AM, Bong Lopez wrote:

Shingles ay parang medyo katulad ng chicken pox, kapag nagkachicken pox ka na nasa katawan na natin ito. Sabi ni doc common daw ito sa mga immunocompromised kahit anu pa ang cd4 level. Madalas daw lumalabas ito kapag sobrang stress, naaactivate daw ito na nagiging shingles.

Kung shingles talaga yan dapat masakit at makati at nakikita sa isang side lang ng katawan natin. At dadami ng dadami kung di agad gagamutin.

Dapat pinakita mo kaagad kung sino man ang nurse or duktor sa SAGIP para naagapan.

Medyo mahal ang gamot, almost 8thousand yung nagastos ko. Pero dahil day1 pa lang napacheck ul ki na agad. Di na sya dumami sa akin at di naging masakit. Me maliit na lang na mark sa may tuhod ko ngayon.

Pacheck up mo agad sa duktor.



On Mar 18, 2014, at 9:46 AM, Joe wrote:

Nawala din po ba sya? I mean after ng gamutan di na sya bumalik. D naman po masakit at makati yung sakin. Ngayon po nag black na sya. Parang sugat na gumagaling na.


On Mar 18, 2014, at 12:06 PM, Bong Lopez wrote:

Mawawala daw yung mark pero medyo matagal yata. In the future pwede pa rin daw bumalik.


On Mar 18, 2014, at 1:41 PM, Joe wrote:

Nakita nyo napo ba yung bagong news.... 448 new cases daw po of hiv in january 2014. Average age 28 yo. 85% male. Natatakot po ako. Isa ako sa 448. Ang dami masyado.... Kayo po ba malakas pa? I mean na confine napo ba kayo before. May mga naging infections napo ba kayo? Pasensya napo madamim akong question gusto ko po kasing maging aware sa mga common infections and gustong gusto ko po kasi nakakarinig ng mga success stories pampalakas ng loob ko. Ryt now po kasi di pa alam ng family ko even bf ko. :( Salamat



On Mar 19, 2014, at 2:54 PM, Joe wrote:

Hi ser bong...galing po akong sagip just now. Hindi binigay ni nurse anne yung exact number ng cd4 count ko. Sabin kasi nya doctor ko ang magrereveal sakin. Sabe nya below 350 nako. Per di namn daw sobrang baba :( natakot nnman po ako. Nagwoworry po ako. Sabe nya i-sskedyul padaw nya ko. Regarding namn po sa shingles like na nasa arm ko..... Sabe nila di namn daw po to shingles. So negative po ako sa shingles. Insect bite lng daw to na di gumaling. Haist..... Nkakapag worry tlga tong araw nato.

After nun di po ako napakali so nagpatingin po ako sa derma sa metropolitan medical ctr.. Pinakita ko yung shingles-like sa arm ko gaya ng advise nyo. Ayun bingo.... Ang sabe ng derma is herpes zoster daw so niresetahan nya ko ng gamot. Sabe nman po nya pagaling nayung nasa arm ko pero inadvise padin po ako na inumin yung antibiotic.

Thannk you po sa mga responses nyo.. It helps a lot. Salamat din po sa blog nyo kasi nagiging aware ako sa condition ko.. Plus pag may naririnig po akong mga success stories sa gaya natin lumalakas ang loob ko. Tumatapang ako. At nagkakaron ng will to survive. Salamat po.



On 3/19/14, Bong Lopez wrote:

Good news yan. Mabuti at nagpatingin ka sa duktor agad. Just drink the

antibiotic in complete dose. Kung talagang below 350 na ang cd4 mo, most

probably eh irerecommend na ng duktor na mag ARV (gamot) ka na sa susunod na

appointment mo. Mabuti na rin yun para maagapan ang gamutan. Goodluck sa

iyo. Balitaan mo ako ha.

wag masyado magworry. Kasi lalo makakasama ang pagwoworry.



On Mar 19, 2014, at 4:45 PM, Joe wrote:

ikaw po ba? Kmusta napo pakiramdam nyo? Nakakaramdam din po ba kayo ng

panghihina simula nung nag arv kayo? - salamat



On Mar 19, 2014, at 7:13 PM, Bong Lopez wrote:

I feel perfectly fine. Wala akong nararamdaman masama sa katawan ko.

Paminsan minsan may fungal and viral infection, which is minor lang naman at common sa mga immunocompromised. Ang kelangan lang masipag magpatingin sa duktor at sundin lagi ang gamot.

Dipende sa ARV na ibibigay sa yo, me kanya kanyang side effects naman, eventually magiging manageable na rin. Ieexplain naman sa iyo ng mabuti yan ng duktor bago ka magsimula.

Makabubuting magresearch ka sa www.thebody.com kasi kumpleto iyan sa lahat ng mga sagot sa mga katanungan ng mga bagong diagnosed.

Yes sagip ako pero semi private clinic ako ni dra kate sa shaw blvd. Di pa ako nakakarating sagip unit ng pgh eh.

San eh eventually magkalakas loob ka ng sabihin kahit sa ilan sa kaibigan, pamilya or BF mo. At wag kakalimutan lagi ang magproteksyon.

Goodluck sa atin.


ito ang aking diary

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MARCH 19, 2014, Wednesday, 11:20pm

HER: Kuya ***** told me about your condition :(( bakit naman 2 years na pala d ka nagsasabi sa amin, pano pala kung too late na? Kuya naman lagi ka wala sinasabi... Oo madami ka friends to help and support you pero kami naman family mo dapat alam namin nangyayari sayo sobrang lalayo na nga namin at hindi na tayo nagkikita. You have to give us a chance to help you in anyway we can. Sabi naman ng Kuya ***** you're doing everything and getting the best treatment. Doble ingats na dapat at alagaan mabuti sarili mo. You should tell Ate **** too. We are here for you no matter what and if you need anything I am just a msg away too.

ME: Hehe

HER: Anong hehe? Ikaw!!! I had to cry it out last night pa bago ako magising this morning para hindi masyado emo tas "hehe" sagot mo?? Baliw!

ME: http://www.parteeandplay.blogspot.com/2011/07/day-0-june-30-2011.html?m=0 - Yan ang first entry sa blog ko. Thats my story.

HER: I started reading it last night pa. kuya ***** told me about the blog too. Hayss.

ME: Am okay naman. Its not a very big deal really. Ayaw ko lang marami nagwoworry sa akin. Hahaha.

HER: Were suppose to worry and try to help you in anyway. Iuupdate mo kami kung ano nangyayari sa mga treatment mo. Kahit kay kuya **** alam mo naman ako kalahati lang utak minsan hindi ko naiintindihan. Pero alam ko serious yan kaya mag ingat ka.

ME: Thanks. Wag na muna ke ate **** Kayo na lang muna. At pls wag ng sabihin sa iba oks?

HER: Ikaw bahala. I wont say a thing. Let me know if you need anything at isasanla ko kaluluwa ko dyan sa tabitabi. Nasan kaba nasa province parin?

ME: Manila ako now, me tinatapos na trabaho. Punta ako sa province sa sabado.

HER: Yung pakiramdam mo ba ano? May sumasakit ba sayo? O normal lang?

ME: Wala normal lang naman. Alam na ni ***** (husband)? Anung sabi?

HER: Alam nya kase kaharap sya. This morning sabi nya sakin if you need help we'll be here to support and help. Actually ayaw pa sabihin ni Kuya **** we have to sit daw to talk about something another day.

ME: Tapos?

HER: E hindi ako makali i think i ask if its about you tas sabi ko is he sick? Hindi na sya sumagot

ME: Eh pano mo naman naisip na its abt me and that am sick? Do i look sick?

HER: Tas kase sabi ko for some reason everytime nakikita ko post mo sa fb about how you support those with it active ka Dun sa group to prevent it. Paramg naffeel ko lang baka meron ka rin nga matagal ko na naiisip actually. Pero syempre hula hula i dunno gawa lang nung pinopost mo sa fb

ME: Oks.

HER: Kaya yung naconfirm ko sa kanya yung feeling ko yung kinakatakutan ko na na feel ko palang totoo pala.

ME: Ganun na nga. Oks lang yan. Its not like before naman na walang gamot. Now the meds are really good and kelangan lang maging healthy lifestyle and iwas stress.

HER: Yun nga daw importante basta magingat sa lahat. Binabasa ko nga blog mo kagabi super positive kaparin which is great and youre helping others din. Yakang yaka ikaw pa.

ME: Korek

HER: Aylabyu very very much! Ikaw ay ipagdadasal ko galingan mo. Nalulungkot ako na hindi ako makauwi para makita kayo. Hays. Balitaan mo kami palagi kung ano nangyayari sayo.

ME: Okay po. Thanks labyu too.

--- My yougest sister is the best. I miss her :(


So ayun na nga, before leaving, my brother asked my permission to tell our youngest sister and her husband, my being positive. Somehow ayaw nyang nagiisa lang sya na nakakaalam sa family ko at kung anu man daw ang mangyari they are both in a position to help me out. I said yes. They are 2 of my siblings which i am most comfortable with. I love them dearly. Nakakaluwag lang ng damdamin na malaman na kahit anung mangyari they will be there to help me, without judgement.

Am fine as of the moment. In a weeks time is my routine labs, 7mo after starting meds. Crucial kasi i wld know if my stats are getting better so il know if the meds are working for me. Crucial din kasi from the results i would know kung magfufullblast na ba ako sa work at par pursue ng other opportunities sa ibang field of work. I feel great naman. Aside from some minor fungal and bacterial infections na naagapan namang gamutin, I dont feel anything different.

Wish me luck on my lab results.


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