Sunday, 20 November 2011


andito ako sa isang malayong lugar, mag isa lang ako, looking for directions, trying to find peace- i decided to bring ramond's book - matagal ko na rin gustong ipagpatuloy ang pagbabasa nito - raymond gave this personalized signed copy to me when we met in one event. page 58 (god loves bakla), this caught my attention

God, when i die, i'll have many questions to ask You, but there'll be a most important one which You'll really have to answer well. Because i could never see the logic of why You had done what You had done with me. The biggest burden a man could ever have is n my frail shoulders.  I don't want to fail my friends and family. I know you help those who help themselves, but it seems I can't already help myself.  I need a miracle, Jess. Please... (17 May 1984) - Raymond Alikpala

p.s.  i'm a non practicing catholic ---  err... agnostic is more accurately i can define it. --- and if that's the case who do i turn to instead???

ito ang aking diary


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  1. Kuya, just wanted to share...

    God is always with you, seen or unseen, saint or sinner. Giving you air, supporting your footsteps, nourishing you with sunshine, God is here with you. The separateness you sometimes feel is an illusion, in truth you are never alone.

    Hugs, you are not alone.