Thursday, 30 May 2013


Stats update, i'm back at 498 from a low of 382 two months ago. so am back to "not wanting to get meds" ulit.

it was actually a steady improvement for 1 1/2 years until i got some bacterial infection last february that led to some neuropathic problems (unrelated to my serostatus). i was under medications which is expected to bring my immune system down. fortunately i recovered fast in just a matter of 3 weeks and my doctor said that it's a sign that despite my HIV status my immune system seems strong.

true enough my cd4 went down 382 last february and the doctor recommended that i start ARVs na. i hesitated and decided to wait another 3 months and see if my cd4 count would improve. nevertheless they started me on 6mo of daily doze isoniazid which is a phropylactic medications for TB.

and now the great news --- as of May my cd4 is up at 498 and i should say back on track.

improving without ARV medications.

something that i am very thankful of.

hindi nagpapatalo ang immune system ko, palaban pa rin.

i dont know how long they can hold this fight and i sincerely hope that they would not need medicinal reinforcements soon.

but then again there are a lot of study pointing to early medications as very beneficial to PLHIVs and that it will promise better protection for my sexual partner (bf). kaya mahirap pa rin magdecide i am torn between keeping a status quo and try to live a healthy life free of medications. or starting a new life on medications which can potentially impact my lifestyle.

for now am choosing the easier route of the status quo. i think my immune system deserves a chance to prove itself and fight this virus without reinforcements.

the elusive 500 cd4 count, i hope in another 3 months time i get to that mark or higher. it will surely make my resolve stronger that despite my serostatus, my body is winning the battle, for now.

ito ang aking diary

ako si BONG


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