Thursday, 2 February 2012

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Good morning! I got tested last friday at san lazaro for HIV when a good friend told me he is a poz.
Good thing wala kaming past pero i got tested and im really sure im a poz too.
Had risky encounters in the past and im just sure it will turn out ayun hahaha.
Its cool, i have already accepted it and iniisip ko nalang its like diabetes na i need to change my life style and take some meds for maintenance.
Though i still feel uneasy like im doing this unprepared kaya when i saw your blog i  just wanted to ask for your guidance like gawin mo akong little kid bro na who is now clueless and a bit scared?
Thanks and i just hope you could help me out.
Btw im Pete hahaha.

Hey pete.
Lumabas na ang result?
Or are you just assuming pa lang.
What did the counselor said.
Stay cool.
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I am assuming hahaha.
But i pretty sure im already poz besides the day before i got tested, signs of genital herpes started to show.
And yeah the doctor at san lazaro confirmed na its genital herpes nga daw.
Haven't talked to any counselor at san lazaro hosp even the counseling was just a simple series of questions
"you know hiv?"
"you know the risk?"
"you know what will happen if you're positive?"
"you have questions?"
I really hated san lazaro pero i dunno other hiv hubs aside from pgh.
Well honestly, im just assuming pero its a gut feel. I just want to be prepared and informed rather than me moping around kaya im researching things like arv, hiv hubs and thr like.
I want to take hiv by the horns and control it.
Thanks bong, and im sorry if im a bother
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Ur not a bother at all. is your best source of information.
They have a newly diagnosed section which is all the information that you need.
Its still best to wait for the confirmatory.
Meanwhile I commend you for being a strong person for staying 'positive' inspite of the dillemma.
And all without proper counseling.
Anytime you need to talk, I'm just here and you can call my globe number. And my twitter.
Dami options for treatment hubs.
You don't have to stay in san lazaro.
I heard a lot of sorry situations there.
Good morning.
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Bong thanks for the help really.
I honestly fell a lot better right now knowing that someone who has this is willing to help out.
Yeah my friend who is a poz knows - but he is just diagnoaed recently and will start his arv - and my best friend and a close friend who are there to give emotional support pero i still feel the need to talk to guys who has been living with this and will tell me "it will be ok"
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It is okay pete.
Now we can focus on the more important things in life.
Take care of yourself more.
Love yourself more.
And live a full life.
Just follow the steps.
Ul be fine.
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Yeah with regarding to taking care of myself.
Haven't checked the site you gave me pero would it be possible to get at least tips on how i should take care of myself?
I really abused my body from staying up late, going out, drinking and smoking.
Pero i haven't been sick nor hospitalized since grade school, so is it still advisable for me to continue dragon boat?
I mean are there restrictions now?
Like i cant paddle in manila bay kasi the water is tainted?
Thanks again bong.
And im sorry if im disturbing your work
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U can live a normal life so long as you be more careful.
Upon enrollment sa treatment hub, ichecheck lahat ng buong katawan mo, all the works.
Dun mo malalaman kung ano ang mga bawal.
Kung everything is still good.
You can still do most of the things ur doing.
Spend time at
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Thanks bong
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  1. this just came in....

    Hi bong, just got my results and im nonreactive pero i guess i need to take the test again after 3 months.

    However, it got me thinking... I want to be an advocate of this cause. Would you help me out?