Tuesday, 18 February 2014


this breakng news just came in! 8000bottles of the 3in1 ARV combi tablet TENOFOVIR-LAMIVUDINE-EFAVIRENZ has just been released by Philippine Customs. it will be available in our respective hubs in a few days/hours.

alam kong aligaga na ang mga pusits this past few days. so this is great news especially to those teno-lami-efav users like me.

just in time for my 3-month refill next week.
with other combi drugs please talk to your hub doctor.
3-in-1 INSTANT ARV, parang kape lang.
this is great para sa halip na 4 na caps ang iniinom ko, isa na lang sa gabi
am sooooo excited!

ito ang aking diary
ako si BONG


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