Monday, 25 March 2013


Battle Weary: A Poem by River Huston


Is it over yet?

crawling from a foxhole

made in the dirt

thirty years deep

the bodies are piled up

some old as cordwood

other freshly departed

Goodbye Ben

baby honey boy

you texted me

just last night

don't get it bro

but you're in God's hands now

You didn't get the memo?

it gets better, man

but I get it

you just worn out

worn down

How long can you live

with death firmly planted by your side?

it's that way for everyone

but for us it's visible loud


bony hand on your shoulder reminding you

of everything you ever done wrong

I manage it

just some days the insides

turn to mud

and i can't get a grip

When the smoke cleared and the artillery

went from heavy mortars

to the occasional sniper fire

you'd think I'd handle it

cause i did the big fights

I survived sister

but it seems to have gotten worse though

when everyone was dying

somehow it was easier

it's that lone warrior

falling when you least expect it

it takes me down every time

This sadness is fierce

grief rolled up like punch

my ghosts

are loud

especially late at night

waking to conversations

long forgotten

My love, my love

how i miss you

Sunrise brings another day

some tea

put on the good face

the sea helps

if it doesn't make me cry

it gets me through another day



i heard of a fellow pusit committing suicide a few weeks ago, even after a "self empowerment training" he has undergone --- sad!

ako si BONG

ito ang aking diary


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