Friday, 4 April 2014


April 03, i got an email from my doctor:

Lab results:

1. CBC normal

2. FBS normal, Hgb A1C is controlled (6%)

3. Lipid profile shows bad cholesterol normal, good cholesterol is now at adequate levels, but triglycerides increased compared to previous. need to cut down on carbs. we will repeat in 3 months.

4. Liver and kidney tests normal.

4. cd4 is 429 (14.28%) compared to previous of 329 (13.7%) last august 8.


Schedules to keep:

a. flu and pneumo shots soonest

b. next cd4 sep 23, 2014

c. next appt for refill, routine, lipid profile determination on may 26

pls coordinate with nurse carl for schedule confirmation. thanks.


Best, Dra. Kate

and so after 7months of ARV. my labs are almost perfect. cd4 are improving. no missed dose of meds except for some some late intake.

time to celebrate.

i am happy!

ito ang aking diary

ako si BONG



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