Friday, 29 November 2013

1st SHOT!


Waiting for my 2nd doctor's appointment, i already had my 1st shot of HPV Vaccine a while back. 2 more shots in the next 6months. hepa B and pneumonia vaccines are next!

Mahal magkasakit, mahal din ang mga vaccine para maiwasan magkasakit. thanks to my younger brother for sponsoring some of my upcoming meds and vaccines.

Yes nagdisclose na ako sa younger brother ko who is a nurse. Siya kauna unahang nakakaalam sa family ko. I was desperate, and got no one else to turn to. He was shocked and asked me how i can keep this to myself and not tell them for more than 2 years. I said i dont want anyone to worry about me and since i got my close friends to support me naman, so there wasn't any real threat to my life. He said for me to get the best treatment and not to hesitate to ask for funds. Im touched. Makes my life much easier and i just have to really take care of myself and not worry about looking for funds if needed be.

Today is my 3rd month on ARVs without any issues. After todays routine check-up i will have my 3months supply of ARVs.

Salamat naman, the scary stage is over and am doing really well so far.

Kayo? Kamusta naman kayo?


ako si BONG

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