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Good Day po,

Salamat ng marami sa blogs nyo.I just stumbled in your website seeking for advice. Bago lang po ako dito sa Dubai on a visit visa at naghahanap ng trabaho to stay and make a living. Pero natatakot po ako na ma blood test prior to issuance of residence visa. Mandatory po kasi ang HIV test dito na conducted ng government ng Dubai. Ayoko pong mapahiya, madetained, madeport at mabanned for life kung may nakita silang problema sa dugo o baga ko. I considered myself as high risk dahil ako po ay natreat na ng STI before but never been tested for HIV. Ang favor ko lang po baka merong alam po kayo na pwedeng magdeliver ng rapid HIV testing kit sa bansa na ito. At kung wala, baka po may magtip na available yung kit dito at mabigyan ako ng pangalan ng pharmacy so i can buy this product. Sa gayon, pwede po ako magtesting sa bahay. At kung sakali na ako ay magpositive, I will voluntarily leave the country without a bad record. Kahit malaman ko yung bad news, my next step is to seek treatment in our country.

Help me kung pano po ako maka acquire nung testing kit. That maybe will have a peace of mind. Meron akong naresearched malapit dito na discreet HIV testing. (Zach's) pero bukod sa mahal ang fee, marami ang nagsasabi na irereport din sa pulis ang malalamang positibo sa test as required by UAE law.

Sana matulungan nyo po aq sa queries ko,

Salamat po in advance,


Hello Tony,

sorry for the late reply and i hope this blog through one of its readers will be able to help you find the answers that you seek.

unfortunately i dont have a clue if a home test kit is available anywhere in the UAE or if they will allow delivery in their country, if there is, it must be illegal and hard to find knowing how strict UAE is in monitoring and deporting HIV cases.

from past inquiries, a few of my dubai readers decided to take their HIV test when hey were vacationing/travelling in HK, Europe, US or somewhere else where anonymous testing is available.

goodluck and heres hoping some of the other readers can answer your question helpfully.


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  1. hi there.... sad to say wala yang rapid kit here in UAE.
    all blood test are mandated to be performed sa clinics or hospitals accredited ng health authority. and as per rule... the clinic or hospital has to report any positive test sa govertment. the only way really for u to have a test and confirm your status is outside UAE, that is if you are not really confident about your status.

    I remember one story from a friend na may kilala sa hospital.
    there was one kabayan na nag pa blood test for employment sa airlines here.
    when he was to pick up the result, the hospital had him waited for quite a time...
    not knowing na nka pag report na yung hospital sa authority for his status.
    he was not detained perse but was quarantined for a few hours.
    after which he was escorted directly to the airport to be deported home.
    wawa nga kze kung ano suot nya sa hospital.... yun na yun til mk uwi....
    nde man lang nbitbit yung few things nya pauwi back home.